Anchorage Alaska REALTOR Marketing 



  • is the best way to showcase your Anchorage or Eagle River home.
  • Take top quality photographs for the flyer, virtual tour and multiple listing service.  A bad picture will only make your Anchorage home look bad.
  • Submit listing to multiple listing service, install keybox, install for sale sign.
  • Create an internet photo tour and post to at least 5 highly visited websites including,,,, and
  • Do the search "Anchorage REMAX" on the internet. Which sites show up? People moving from outside are doing that same search.
  • E-mail a link of your property tour to Anchorage Real Estate Associates.  The best buyers are those working with an Anchorage real estate agent.  They have seen a lender and have the pieces in place to make an offer.
  • We DO NOT like empty flyer boxes...although flyer boxes are neighborhood notifications, not likely to sell your home.
  • Sample Craigslist, this not your normal craigslist ad.  Go to craigslist, under housing and put in lonnie logan to see the ads in place.
  • Obtain showing feedback from buyers and their real estate professionals to received third party feedback. Receiving this feedback and watching the market activity provides you the ability to keep your home strategically placed with other homes on the market.
  • Place your Anchorage property information on the reverse side of our other listing flyers.
  • Provide Sellers with a link to e-mail a Virtual Tour to friends, family and co-workers.
  • Send “Just Listed” postcards to area property owners.
  • Target marketing groups that would fit the ideal buyer for your Anchorage property.
  • Public Open Houses - Nationally 1% of homes are sold during an open house, Anchorage is said to be as high as 5%.  The first two weeks a property is listed and pricing changes are the best times to have open houses. Any additional open houses would probably benefit our real estate team more than actually presenting it to a ready, willing and able buyer.
  • Continually monitor Anchorage market conditions and competition, provide Sellers with updated market analysis.
  • Communicate with the Home Owner.
  • 2 Licensed Associates working to sell the property and handling all the details.
  • See what REMAX can do for you.

Again be aware there is marketing that provides self promotion that is often used to obtain your listing and it most times won't produce a willing and able buyer.


 Anchorage Home   

Like all goals, detailed written plans, implemented correctly provide the best opportunity for success. That's why I provide Seller's with a detailed marketing program. Marketing that incorporates the most productive tools available in order to sell your property quickly for the most money in the least amount of time.


What is My Anchorage Home Worth?